Reading Nooks

During the first year that backpacks had been relegated to the hallway, students were able to read and work in the remaining open space. However, their supplies would spill into someone else’s things, 
and bodies kind of fell over one another. 

I designed four cubbies to fill the space. Three became Reading Nooks, while one was divided horizontally and reserved for necessities such as our lunch tub and a big box of math curriculum. In the summer of 2014, handyman husband Craig measured, constructed and installed the Reading Nooks. Students cheerfully fill them every day.

5-9-14 Space before the build, coat hooks removed
8-20-14 The Reading Nooks of Room 17
9-4-13 New coat rack in hallway with ruler sections as hooks
11-3-14 Chromebooks in action
1-12-15 Independent reading
9-24-15 Recording for fluency on iPad & iTouch
11-2-15 Fact finding on personal Theory of Knowledge presentations
1-14-16 Words Their Way: Blind Sort with Partner
2-11-16 Third graders tumble out of the Reading Nooks

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