Portland Bridge Project

Portland Bridge Project
We will be studying bridges in class!
You now get to build your interpretation of a favorite Portland bridge using materials found at home. You can make a realistic version, or a creative one. Be inventive using materials such as toothpicks, spaghetti, Popsicle sticks, recycled materials, cardboard, and the like. 
6-13-13 Natalie's Ross Island Bridge 
Accompanying your project will be your two to three paragraph essay telling some of the history and other relevant information about your chosen bridge. This project may be completed with family members or individually.
6-9-14 Enzo's Tilikum Crossing
Your bridge should not be bigger than 2ft long x 1ft wide.
You should be able to find most of your materials at home.
~ Your name and the name of the bridge must be clearly visible.
~ You must include a two to three paragraph essay about your bridge.
 Have fun!
6-8-15 Conley's Fremont Bridge
·      Hawthorne (1910)
·      Steel (1912)
·      Broadway (1913)
·      Ross Island (1922)
·      Sellwood (1925/2016)
·      Burnside (1926)
·      St. John’s (1931)
·      Morrison (1958)
·      Marquam (1966)
·      Fremont (1973)
·      Tilikum Crossing (2015)

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