Seating Selections

Our school was constructed in the early 1950’s; we are surrounded by reminders of the era, primarily in the form of heavy, hard, mustard-colored metal chairs. I am all for the retro look, but only when it comes to artwork and color scheme. 

By reconfiguring Room 17 over the last five years, thanks to over $11,000 of materials raised through DonorsChoose, the physical space now invites all students to excel. The evolution to an original, modern classroom provides flexibility for unique learning styles while encouraging social engagement and a strong community. 
4-9-14 Words Their Way around Room 17

Traditional physical and social barriers that once inhibited instruction, movement and interaction have been removed. Students are now comfortably engaged in both independent and group work.

Students select their own seats each Friday for the following week, and they must choose wisely. On Monday morning, everyone is subject to the three-strikes-and-you’re-out rule. If a seating arrangement is too distracting to each other or their tablemates, an individual receives a reminder. If this happens three times in the course of the day, one round of classic Rock, Paper, Scissors determines who is relocated.

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