Node Chairs

The Node chairs by Steelcase are innovative, progressive and absolutely inspiring. Students are comfortable while engaged in both independent and group work. It is a breeze to reconfigure the classroom. 

Node chairs ($440 each) are super cool and ergonomically mod. They swivel and flex, creating additional opportunities for students to connect, supporting co-learning and group discussion. They encourage pods of inspired collaboration. Node chairs are by far and away, the most popular seating option in Room 17.

12-9-13 Creating tangram polygons in Math
4-30-14 Words Their Way spelling sorts
10-21-14 A peaceful writing spot
10-13-15 Listening to A Day's Work on iPad
11-5-15 Reading Buddies
11-17-15 New two orange Node chairs from DonorsChoose join the pod of four green chairs

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