Hokki Stools

In 2011, my teaching partner attended a workshop that focused on the varying learning styles of students, highlighting best practices involving brain-based research. One of the recommended seating options was Hokki Stools. I looked them up online. My first impression was that they resembled large, odd, colorful plastic mushrooms, but I didn’t mind the untraditional look. During my kindergarten year, I had been granted one project through DonorsChoose, 
so I decided to try another.

The project was funded (cost: $783) and Room 17 received seven Hokki stools. Students appreciate being able to rock back and forth, and wobble while rarely tipping over. The stools seem to absorb excess energy since a student is able to be in a near constant state of movement and remain on task.

1-15-15 Hokki stool seating
9-18-14 Listening to weekly story on iTouch
9-27-12 Independent reading
9-24-13 Thumbs up for third graders on Hokki stools

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