Art Table

Back in the late 90’s, I designed this low table for my children, and my dad constructed it. There is a pass-through compartment below the top for papers and various supplies. On the top level, little cubbies were devised to hold art supplies in heavy plastic cups.

In 2010, I reclaimed the table for my classroom. Two children sit on the floor, one on either side of the table. It is ideal for those students who want to share a space with just one other person for five days. Students treat the space like an island, where fewer distractions allow for greater focus. 

2-3-14 Moby Max on Chrome book & iPad
4-30-14 Words Their Way spelling sort
9-22-14 Listening on iTouch while creating art
10-2-13 Boggle in composition books (prior to Chromebooks!)

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