Saturday, March 4, 2017

Room 17's Read Across America: March 2, 2017

3-2-17 Read Across America begins!

3-2-17 Matching Dr Seuss characters and their names

3-2-17 Discussing Sneetches
3-2-17 Reading a classic Dr. Seuss book

3-2-17 Sharing a favorite Dr. Seuss book

3-2-17 Sharing Dr. Seuss books
3-2-17 Reading Dr. Seuss books on Node chairs

3-2-17 Creating Wockets at the Art Table

3-2-17 Sketching Wockets

3-2-17 A whole tableful of Wockets in the making
3-2-17 Multigenerational Wockets

3-2-17 Coloring Wockets at the Podium

3-2-17 Coloring Wockets on Node chairs

3-2-17 Coloring and cutting out Wockets
on the Reading Bleachers

3-2-17 Wockets in pockets on parade

3-2-17 A pair of Wockets in their pockets
3-2-17 Handmade Wockets in pockets

3-2-17 All those new Wockets in their pockets!

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