Saturday, March 11, 2017

New Owners of Animal Creatures by Kennedy: March 8, 2017

While at daVinci Middle School, my youngest child Kennedy created a chess set in Ceramics. The animals were divided between land and sea. It came time to find new homes for the clay pieces and on International Women's Day,
students selected their favorite creatures to adopt.

Zorian & Spike
Violet & Shelly
Scarlett & Ocean
Saule & Coral
Sarah & Carrots Junior
Orrin & Mr. McDonald
Oliver & Rick
Lucian & Eater
Lincoln & Inky
Kara & Luna
John & Jelly Head
Joah & Zeebee
Everest & Puffball
Eden & Digger
Darius & Fluffy
Cyrus & Eliot
Cedar & Sparky
Cambria & Fuzzy
Cailey & Carrots
Brady & Ninja
Aylaa & Mrs. Fluffington
Andreas & Critter
Alyssa & Lulu

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