Sunday, September 11, 2016

Room 17 Week in Photos: September 6-9, 2016

9-6-16 Independent reading in the Reading Nooks
9-6-16 Chromebook literacy at the Art Table
9-6-16 Inking Diamante Name Poem
9-6-16 Teamwork library scavenger hunt
9-6-16 Pouring over new library book selections
9-6-16 Buddies on the library bench
9-7-16 Home keys during Typing Club
9-7-16 Typing Club on Node chairs
9-7-16 Sharing personal stories of autism,
sparked by Newsela article
9-7-16 Folk Art Tree on a Node chair
9-8-16 Creating Folk Art Trees while listening to Storyline
9-8-16 Folk Art Trees on the Node chair
9-8-16 Inking Folk Art Tree
9-8-16 Inking Folk Art Tree
9-8-16 Folk Art Trees on a Hokki stool
9-9-16 Folk Art Trees on Node chairs
9-9-16 Folk Art Trees on the carpet 
9-9-16 Folk Art Trees in the Reading Nooks
9-9-16 Folk Art Tree at the Standing Table
9-9-16 Folk Art Tree in a Node chair 
9-9-16 Finalizing the Best Part of Me on a Hokki stool
9-9-16 Final safety prep before
grand opening of Lewis' Nature Playground
9-9-16 Focusing on Folk Art Tree
9-9-16 Making a quiet spot during Choosing
9-9-16 Choosing time! 
9-9-16 Building blocks during Choosing 
9-9-16 Block wall during Choosing
9-9-16 Tree House during Choosing 
9-9-16 Reading during Choosing 
9-9-16 Magnets and such during Choosing
9-9-16 Legos during Choosing
9-9-16 Thumbs up for Friday Dance Party!
9-9-16 Flexible Friday Dance Party!
9-9-16 Busting a move during Friday Dance Party!
9-9-16 Friday Dance Party!
9-9-16 Happy weekend!
9-9-16 Peace out!

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