Sunday, June 5, 2016

Room 17 Week in Photos: May 31- June 3, 2016

5-31-16 Water bottles for all!
6-1-16 Gardening in the Lewis Outdoor Center
6-1-16 Working with Little Bits to create a catapult
6-1-16 Little Bits catapult, before
6-1-16 and after
6-1-16 Creating a Little Bits catapult
6-2-16 Jumping for joy in the shade
6-2-16 Loving life!
6-2-16 Personal letter to future fourth grade teacher
6-2-16 Art projects in progress 
6-2-16 El Sol art in a Node chair pod
6-2-16 El Sol art on a Node chair
6-3-16 Mulling over selections at 3rd grade Book Swap
6-3-16 Reading new finds from the 3rd grade Book Swap

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