Saturday, January 16, 2016

Room 17 Week in Photos: January 11-15, 2016

1-12-16 Collaborating on Newsela quiz
1-12-16 Weekly vocabulary on dry erase table
1-12-16 Weekly vocabulary on personal dry erase boards
1-13-16 Chromebook collaboration
1-13-16 Aboriginal art with Ms. Gina
1-13-16 Aboriginal art with Ms. Gina
1-13-16 Scavenger Hunts on Node chairs 
1-13-16 Scavenger Hunts in Reading Nooks
1-13-16 Fluency check at the Podium using iPad
1-13-16 Peace is in My Hands and Storyline
1-14-16 Blind Sort with Partner in Reading Nooks
1-15-16 Peace is in My Hands
1-15-16 Boggle at Choosing 
1-15-16 Fake fruit at Choosing 
1-15-16 Legos at Choosing 
1-15-16 US map at Choosing
1-15-16 Peace symbol at Choosing 
1-15-16 Tree House at Choosing

1-15-16 Original moves at the Friday Dance Party

1-15-16 Friday Dance Party atop the Reading Bleachers 
1-15-16 A trio of friends at the Friday Dance Party 
1-15-16 Welcome to the weekend!

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