Sunday, August 30, 2015

Words Their Way Spelling Sorts

Words Their Way Step 1:
Gather the necessary supplies: 
your spelling sort list; 
a pair of scissors; 
a pencil; 
a lined piece of paper.
Words Their Way Step 2:
Cut off the border and recycle. 
Cut your categories along with the words in bold. 
Cut all spelling words apart.
Words Their Way Step 3:
Sound out words and look at spelling patterns. 
Place words in correct categories, 
and write each one on your lined paper.
Words Their Way Step 4:
Keep going until all of your spelling words 
are in the correct categories. 
You may notice that you have a few "oddballs" 
that don't fall into the regular pattern. Sorry! 
You just have to memorize those differences.

In the classroom, you will now record your spelling sort into an iTouch. 
This will help with fluency and getting the spelling patterns in your mind. 
If you have a recording device at home, don't be shy about using it.

Good luck. You can do it!

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